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Originally Posted by WorkInProgressK View Post
No worries. The relay is fine, its the local circuit that needs more load.

You need to use an filament bulb. LED bulbs have a 50% chance of working and if they work they work incorrectly for the use most of the time.

LED Light emitting diodes act like a "light emitting" check valve. Filament bulbs work like a water dam. LEDs don't restrict, filaments do. Now your issue is that you don't restrict the current enough. This is where most of the time you need something custom.
That's what power resistors are for.
Add them in parallel only. A series connection will dim an LED bulb that is already designed for 12V use.

Side markers on this car do not function as blinkers, so the point is moot. There is no relay and it's not a turn signal. Dubaday has a failing LED side marker that is flickering. A resistor will not fix that.

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