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Sorry, I don't understand much when it comes to currents/electricity and how they work.
I'm so confused

All I know is that about 5 months ago, one of my bulbs for the side marker went out, so I replaced both side markers with LED bulbs.
Also changed out my dome and door lights with LED bulbs as well.
Everything seemed to work fine until just last weekend, I noticed my side markers pulsating like a disco ball.

I'm wondering if it's the bulb going bad, or is it the lack of me not changing the relay to compensate for the LED replacements...

Originally Posted by WorkInProgressK View Post
About the blinking uncontrollably.

Grab the old bulb and measure the resistance across the poles. Now measure the new bulbs resistance. Now you have two choices. Add the resistance in series and in parallel.
The type of circuit will define the resistance needed. If I remember correctly series is additions x=y+z and parallel is 1/x=1/y+1/z. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The reason why it blinks is that most flashers are Amperage sensitive. Have very low resistance causes the amperage of the circuit to skyrocket requiring the circuit to reset more often. Now knowing that you could fine tune your blinkers to your taste by switching resistances. Now what I don't know is if the left and right sides are on the same circuit and if they are, when you are in double. you could in theory make them blink at different speed, but I would imagine its one circuit.
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