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After 1 year of owning my first Porsche.

Hey guys.

I have been lurking around for the past year and decided to post because of my situation.

At the start of last year, I had the urge to purchase my first Porsche. The yellow bird has always captivated me, but I knew I could not afford it. After researching, I decided to purchase a boxster(price, convertible, racing class) and after visiting a couple of cars I purchased a 2001 boxster S that had the IMSB and transmission recently replaced. There was some defects but not red flags. Nothing I could not do.

After getting it. I took 2 months to go trough the basic stuff that I was scared about: inspected the bills, bought new tires, brakes, discs, dropped the pan(clean), replaced the oil and baffles(since I planned to track my car). Now I am at my second oil change and I found metal in the oil drain pan. I have the usual "The engine ran great before parking it". What I know is that the cam deviation is in the critical range. I was keeping an eye on it to catch if it got worst. Every 2 gaz tanks I would check if it changed. The screenshots are at home, but they were on the edge. 5deg and 6deg.

What is curious is that my filter is clean. I cut it open (LN filter adapter filter) and saved it for later.

Working on cars has never been a problem for me. I own two Nissan S13s with the turbocharged SR20det (back in Canada and here). Replaced the motor, transmission, turbocharger etc. But the Boxster scares the hell out of me. All this information online on the engine and transmission failures and how expensive the spare parts are makes me worried.

Now I don't know what to do. I already put new oil in, but I haven't started. Thinking of dropping it and running it through a coffee filter or filters while making sure there isn't any particulates in the oil drain pan.

On another note. I just don't know how I can deal with having anxiety with this car. It's more a monetary then time. I do enjoy the work, but my goal is to eventually race and I might consider parting with this car and buying a truck to tow my other car rather then parting with my other car.

Finally, I am torn. Once the car is warmed up it is a blast to drive. I like how the car pivots when trail braking, the ability to corner with throttle inputs, the crazy amount of braking power finally the ride is very comfortable. Only negative is the cable shifting mechanism and the brakes squeal when cold(Hawk hp+ fault).

I am sorry if this is my first post, but I wanted to share where I am at with my boxster. If anyone has any tips or contacts I am keeping my options open. I am located in Orange County.


P.S. I will upload pictures when I get home.

TLDR; Owned a boxster for 1 year, want to race the car, found metal in oil, thinking of getting rid of it.

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