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very nice. i would question the role that the old tune is playing - both in increased hp, and in the fueling issues. on an unmodified ecu you should be running at stoichometric at low load (to say 4000 rpm) regardless of what you have done to the intake - air and fuel mix is monitored by 02 sensors and kept at stoichometric. you can make the intake and exhaust paths bigger, but the amount of air can still be measured. even if the amount of air is not being monitored properly (ie maf issues, air leaks, etc.) the ecu will trim (add/subtract fuel) to try and maintain stioch. if ecu finds itself having to add/subtract more that 20% or 25% fuel to maintain stoich then you will get a cel. so, you have no cel and are not running at stoich at low load - it must be the aftermarket tune.

i ran that same arrangement and monitored my idle and low load trims and everything stayed well within acceptable ranges.
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