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Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
....only after car has been sitting on level ground for THREE days.

Otherwise, you will never get an accurate reading.

Also, due to the semi-dry sump oil system, flat engine configuration, and huge oil supply, these cars are VERY forgiving of low oil levels.

Do NOT worry about being a full quart low. It won't hurt the car.

As long as there is oil on the dipstick anywhere, and you have at least one notch on the electronic display, you are absolutely, totally fine.

But, if you OVER fill the oil by one notch, bad things happen.

Err on the low side on these machines. I know it's hard to believe that, but it's just the way these wacky things work.

If you are on a road trip, you CANNOT trust the dip stick or indicator at a gas stop. Too many people check their oil at a gas stop, see a low level, and drop in a quart. They end up OVER filling the oil and blowing out the Air/Oil Separator or oil seals.

This happened to Car & Driver Magazine, the over filling that is, not blowing out the seals.

Resist the temptation. Don't worry, drive happy.
3 days is a bit long to wait, but you are correct, it does take a long time for all the oil to drain back down
Slightly high when hot probability won't cause anything bad

Per the manual, you should check the oil hot and after a few minutes of shutting down the engine. ( yes it does say "few" minutes)

As oil does expand when hot, cold readings will be lower
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