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Originally Posted by l3m View Post
I bought these parts but never got around to installing it on my car. These will have to be purchased altogether. I won't sell them separately.

For Sale:

One Porsche Throttle Body Part # 997-605-115-00 (Bosch) - removed from a 2006 Cayman S
One 997-110-416-03 997 Plenum
Two 999-512-539-01 hose clamp (for the 997 plenum)
Four 900-385-025-04 Bolt (larger throttle body requires shorter bolts)
Four N 011-524-27 Washer (for above)
One 997-110-319-00 Throttle Body Gasket

Price: $150 + shipping
Great deal! I did the upgrade to my 986 and purchased everything new, it was over $500. I say install them, a great improvement! Especially with having installed the 2006 Cayman exhaust.
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