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Originally Posted by geraintthomas View Post
Before you wax it, get the paintwork compounded. There's a lot of scuffs on that front bumper that wax won't hide.

I have a Black 986 too, and this is what the paint can look like:

It's worth it take it to someone to get it machine polished, then wax it to your hearts content. While they're at it, get them to run the machine over the headlights too as they'll come up like new.
That looks amazing. The wheels look great too. Yeah I have the polisher. I need to wait for it to warm up here. I'm going to take detailing to a new level. I've always wanted a black car; this is my first. The BMW guys talked about clay baring the finish too. I need to learn about that.

Mine has always been in a garage so I know I have some great clear coat left. Also need to touch up 4 small knicks.

Man, those wheels and brake calipers look great!

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