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To answer some questions:

-I haven't replaced the fuel filter. I've done the water pump, MAF, spark plugs, fluid flushes but not the fuel filter that I'm aware of. However, I've only driven it 6,000 miles in the time I've had it.

-As far as I know, pressure was tested in every way. Tested over night and never lost pressure.

-I can't say it's temperature related. What's bizarre (or - should I say - not bizarre) is I left it with the mechanic for a week. He drove used it whenever they needed to do small errands. Started every time. Even left it in in the garage; no problem. Of course, I take it home and there's an issue.

One thing I might add is that parking in my garage, it fires up every time. Sometimes it seems like parking on an incline or decline, the issue crops up. When it's in my garage, it literally fires up as smooth as can be.
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