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Hey Guys - new to this forum. I've lurked for a while and I know there are a lot of sharp minds here, so I was hoping someone might be able to help.

Have a 99 Boxster. Recently developed a startup issue. From time to time, it won't fire. Car consistently turns over - that's never a problem - but some times, it won't fire and get going. I can't seem to recreate it.

Pressure test was done and it doesn't look pressure.

The only other real clues I can offer is that the car was recently transported from city to city (on a truck). Not sure if that's relevant but maybe climate change? Doubt it. The other thing is that when I have the issue - when it turns over and doesn't fire - if I wait about five minutes and try again, then it fires up.

Intermittently failing fuel pump? Maybe something in the EVAP system? I have no CEL, no faults on the computer and no pending faults.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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