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To expand on Randall's comments, your best bet is to get as late a model as you can afford. This might mean you forgo the S, but the benefits are pretty great going from a 2000 S to a 2003 base. Also they redesigned the interior (for the better) in 2001, replacing the ugly 4-spoke steering wheel with the more elegant 3-spoke.

2000 Model changes:
Addition of the S model, with a 3.2 liter engine pushing 250hp
. Upgraded base model froma 2.5 liter to 2.7 liter, increasing power to 217hp

2001 Model changes:
Porsche Stability Management antiskid system optional
Revised gauges
New standard electric front and rear trunk releases
Softer rollbar coverings
LED "orientation lights" in door pulls, ignition switch and center console
Ignition key allows remote access to both trunks.
Self-dimming inside/outside mirrors packaged with rain-sensing wipers optional
Change to 3-spoke steering wheel with Porsche crest

2002 Model changes:
In-dash cupholder in place of a clip-on
In-trunk emergency release.

2003 Model changes:
Base engine gained 11 horsepower to 228 and S engine gained 8 to 258.
A heated glass rear window replaced plastic in the convertible top.
Both models got modified front air intakes, body-color vs. black side scoops, and "smoked" plastic turn-signal lenses.
Climate controls are relocated and the first dashboard glovebox is added.
Redesigned rear air spoiler
Side intakes louvers brought out to flush with the body and painted to match
Gray/white turn signals replace yellow/orange
Revised console between seats

In retrospect, I wish I had bought a 2003, but then again the changes made weren't phenomenal and I have no qualms with anything on my 2002. Only thing I would like is the glass rear window.
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