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Just finished my 60,000 mile maintenance. I did:

Transmission fluid change
New plugs
Oil and filter change
New polybelt
Front and rear trunk struts
Cleaned MAF
Replaced air filter

Also had a miss on cylinder 4. A new coil fixed the hesitation and miss. It runs awesome now!

The plugs are very easy to do. I was surprised. The polybelt wasn't too bad. Note: you can use a 1" socket instead of the 24mm socket suggested. Many of us have these in our impact sets. The oil filter needed the same socket as a Honda or Tahoe. Did not need a fancy chrome one that Amazon suggested.

The oil capacity (9 quartz) is crazy. I thought my BMWs held a lot (8 quarts). I won't be afraid to rev this engine. This has better ground clearance than the BMWs too.

Over all I'm very happy with the car. I feel very comfortable about the next few years as I'm only at 60,800 miles now.

I bought an air / oil separator but held off. I expect to need that in a while. Today, I didn't feel like accidentally creating any vacuum leaks. It's running too good.

Brake rotors were a little thin. I guess I'll get some vented discs, flush and paint those calipers next.

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