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Was getting a constant misfire on cylinder 4 warning. Replaced the coil and I can't get it to miss anymore.

I did the 60,000 mile maintenance.
Cleaned MAF
New air filter
New plugs (old were bad?!?)
Changed oil and filter
Changed transmission and differential fluid
Replaced front and rear trunk struts
Ordered Durametric for airbag codes.

The stutter is completely gone. It runs smooth and revs awesome. I thought my BMWs held a lot of oil (8 quarts). These engines are crazy. I'm not at all concerned about revving it.

Plugs are much easier than expected. Ground clearance is better than my M sport BMWs. There are more places to put the floor jack.

If anyone is changing their belt, it's fairly easy. You can do it without opening the top. A 1" socket works in place of the 24mm socket required. It is lose but you don't put too much pressure.

The oil filter socket is the big one you might have for your Honda or Tahoe. Don't need the fancy chrome one Amazon suggests. It would be nice if Porsche put the filters up top like BMW. Oh well.

Went ahead and ordered an air/oil separator after reading these forums. I'm not going to install it yet. I do expect to need it in a year or two though. Since I don't have any vacuum leaks, I don't want to create any accidentally.

I did notice that my corrosive wheel cleaner hits the aluminum block. Had to clean that off. That's something we should all watch.

Overall, I'm even more pleased with this car. I've got 60,800 miles on it and everything is running fresh.

I think some vented discs and red brake calipers might be in my future...

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