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First Boxster, First post, Hi

Here's my 2001 986. Never thought of buying one but I'm a used car dealer (sort of) and this came up at the auction, seemed reasonable so one click of the mouse and BAM! I own a Porsche!

Just under 110,000 miles. Looks like it was upgraded to the 18" wheels. It's A/T, seems all stock. 3 seemingly minor issues. 1. air bag light is on 2. stereo not working 3. Driver door window pops back to full height unless you hold the door handle open.

From just a little looking I see reasonably priced lower milage units are everywhere. Lots of people parting them out. All I need is a driver side headlight trim in amber. Just the little triangle piece. Maybe a passenger fender in black.

Chances are this one will go up for sale after I have the title in hand. The problem is I'm driving it around and it's fun! Bit by the bug so to speak. So now I'm looking for an "S".

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