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Originally Posted by Meir View Post
Are you talking about the hose that splits 3 or for ways?
That is the only hose that has plastic molded in to it.
Part number Number 8 in the diagram. Select your part number based on the year of your car.
Water Cooling 1
Unfortunately that is the issue, it was a wrecked car so I don't know how it came apart. But looking at my photo the break in the plastic is attached to a rubber hose that is only a few inches long, the diagram you've shown has 3 fairly lengthy hoses coming out of it. The location with the most damage is just in front of the firewall where your feet would go just above the front left suspension. But...

Is this possibly where it enters the radiator and that is where the plastic is coming from? The part that is broken attaches to part 996-106-611-53 in what looks like the front of the car, that is the end of the diagram, I don't see where this part attaches to in another diagram.
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