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I really like the positive/negative criticism guys thank you. I love it, but I'll love it more when I get the duck tail for it, I feel like the rear of the Boxster has too much of a bubble/tear drop shape in the rear that leaves a bit too much open space between the spoiler. I'm waiting on a GT3RS style ducktail that the brackets will bolt up to and fix that issue. I will more than likely get a custom set of brackets made with more of the "GT3" look to them as well. I like the Zeintop but what I really want is a targa top, a member on here (Stelan) is making them and I think they're in the final stages of production. I pretty much have everything to go twin turbo the only thing I don't have is time!!

below is the wing flavor im going for.
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2003 Boxster S
997 Turbo Front End Conversion
Widebody Rear Flares Aerokit II Side Skirts
18x9 Front 18x11 Rear Wheels
Twin-Turbo LSx Boxster

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