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2004 top on 1997 WITHOUT upgrading transmission?

Hi all,

Thinking of putting a 2004 glass window top & frame on my 1997. I've done a lot of searching and reading of the guides by Maurice, but one thing I'm still not 100% clear on is how much work it'd be to keep the original 'A' version transmission with the 2 external microswitches.

It's mostly this bit I'm unsure of...

"Note that if you don't want to do any rewiring on your early Boxster ('97 to '99), you can still install the OEM glass-windowed top and keep the old 'A Version' system...In that case however, you will have to devise a way to trip the B-Pillar microswitch at the appropriate time in the cycle because of the new location of the B pillar on the new, 4-bow, frame."

For the life of me I can't find anywhere that actually explains in any detail how you might go about tripping this microswitch at the right time.

Anyone done it, or know of a resource that explains it in more detail?

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