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Originally Posted by MistySeas View Post
I have my first Porsche, 2000 Boxster 2.7, it came with the key with just a light. It does have the central lock on the dash. I have searched a ton of threads trying to see if you can "upgrade" the fob to be able to have remote entry. Has anyone done this or attempted it? I have read many on how to change them out with existing but not change the type. I need to replace the current fobs anyway as neither one works and both are missing the logo.
Thanks for any input. I have been learning a lot reading through the threads on here. I really knew nothing about Porsche until last week when I bought this one. I am looking forward to driving and playing with it for many years!
Hello Misty Seas and welcome to the forums. Let me see if I understand your question correctly. Your current keys do not have the remote locking and unlocking for the doors and trunk but you have the central locking module?

I'd think that you basically have a couple of cheaper valet keys. If you were to acquire the correct keys with remote functions and have them programmed to your car the problem should be solved. It also begs to question why the previous owner did not do so? I'm inclined to believe that you can program the correct remote key and things should be fine. Good luck. Keep us posted on the outcome.
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