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NEED HELP Finding cooling hose parts 03 S Model

Hello All,
I'm having issues figuring out which parts I need to order, the problem is because the car was wrecked so I can't pull the parts out of exactly where they came from. I also didn't take apart the car which is making this much harder than anticipated.

The car is a 2003 986 S 6-Speed

They are multiple cooling hoses. I'm trying to get the exact part numbers so I can order new ones. Or if someone has all these parts I would happily buy them on here.

Part 1: Easiest to figure out for someone who knows which side of the car the blue plug is on for the center radiator. This is a long hose with several bends that starts at the center radiator on the side with the blue plug. Is this Part #: 996-106-138-53-OEM?
Porsche Boxster (1997-2004) - Radiators - Page 2

Here is a photo.
 photo 20160909_123838_zpss9id6epu.jpg

Part 2: This part has numbers on it but when I look up the diagram using this number the part doesn't look the same.
996.106.611.53.AS? (Part 1 on diagram)
There is a plastic coupling on the end that is broken, I need that part. The diagram shows clamp 2 going into hose 4, but they do not look like the plastic sleeve that I have broken, see here: (Is the replacement sans plastic piece I have broken?)
 photo 20160909_123814_zps4oufe0lu.jpg

Part 3 & 4-
Now for the plastic piece I am missing, I am missing both of these. There are 2 of them and they are located at the lower portion of the firewall closer to the driver's side.
I keep ending up at this diagram:
Porsche Parts, Spares And Accessories: Retail And Trade: National; Worldwide Delivery | Design 911

The parts don't seem the same... #6 vaguely resembles the metal coolant hose that is bent.

 photo 20160909_123807_zpsqzrxcksz.jpg

Part 5 -
Going back the the 996.106.611.53.AS? part, this is a metal cooling hose. The sister hose to this is bent, this on I do not have a part number for. I think the metal hose is part 6 in the diagram. The picture is here:
 photo 20160909_123824_zpsormf1zu3.jpg
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