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Originally Posted by tvan View Post

I did that entire drive with the seat in the wrong position... I finally figured out how to get it to go lower and as far back as possible. So now leg room has dramatically improved. Might look into having the driver's seat re-padded though, it seems a bit flat and not all that comfortable for longer stints behind the wheel.

If you are so inclined, you might want to take the seat out and take a look underneath. The support for the cushion might be worn out and sagging.

It's an easy four bolts to take out and the unclip the wiring harness (just don't start the car with the seat out or you'll trigger the airbag light - don't ask me how I know this). My seat support had nearly fully failed (it was like sitting in a bucket) , but I was able to fashion and install a new support out of plywood that works perfectly. It supports, but has some give in it. I also repaired and re-dyed the Savanna Beige leather. Nearly good as new.

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