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Originally Posted by grc0456 View Post
Congrats! I have the same combo in a Base. Of course, I am biased, but I think it's one of the best offered. Makes a classy looking Box and there just aren't as many out there. The Midnight Blue Metallic is a real chameleon color - changes from blue to eggplant to black depending on lighting conditions. Enjoy it and drive it often!
I'm driving it daily, so no worries about that!

Before purchasing this car I drove three other Boxsters, two of which had a grey interior that looked really dated in comparison. The other had black, but it was the roughest example of the three and I could tell the car was not for me based on the condition.

In the past I've always looked with specific colors in mind, but always end up with a car that is in the best condition for a fair price.
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