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Debris in the oil


Changing the oil on my 97 . 2,5 986 i Decided to remove the sump pan too.
The engine have received new oil and filter for every year the last 3 years ( as long as I have owned it)
it has done 155.000 km and runs strong without any wrong noises / exhaust color

only concern is that when I start it after it has been standing for a week ore more it tends to be a little noisy for app 3-5 sec. after this everything is normal. When it is hot there is nothing.( i expect the chain tensioners to leak down?)

The oil looked fine but I found a little plastic debris on the Sump plate ( it is not magnetic)
it looks like there are two kinds .
A hard braunish type and a black type which i can squeeze into smaller pieces with my nails.

I have attached a couple of photos.
Any ideas on what this is and should I start loosing sleep

It did not look like the pan had been off before, ( same kind of dry dirt as on the rest of the engine..)

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