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5W-40 should be the right oil for the car. 0W-40 Mobil 1 is also correct.

Don't think that the problem is caused by an oil change. In general noises from valves and hydraulic lifters are getting calmer if you put in new engine oil.

Because the noise doesn't go away when the engine warms up i would say don't drive the car any longer and bring it to a qualified shop (diagnose would be different if the noise would go away or be much quieter when warming up - let's say after 1-2 miles - that would be a bad or clogged hydraulic lifter).

They should check what exactly is wrong.

One thing that can be done easily is a compression test and to have a look into the cylinders with a camera.

If there is nothing conspicuous to see than you'll have to invest some more money, because they have to disassemble some things and lower the engine and check the hydraulic lifters and valves.

I would recommend to look for a shop that has experience with 986 Porsche cars.

Hope that helps…

Regards, Markus

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