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Polishing my car

I was recently asked how I got my car so clean.

That kind of cleaning only happens once a year, if that.
You need to get a good polisher (not the ones from Sears). Here is a link to a good one (no affiliation with this site):
Porter Cable Polisher

This is probably the best value out there. Make sure you get a variety of good polishing pads, and a good polish. There are some kits on the Autogeek site that package the Porter Cable with some pads. I like the $229 kit. I use a lot of Meguiars stuff. I start with the Meguiars 105 polish then move to either the Meguiars 205 polish or Meguiars Ultimate polish. Then apply your favorite wax.

Here is what I typically do:

1. wash the car
2. clay bar the car to remove surface contaminants. This is important. The car should feel smooth as glass at this point
3. Polish: Meguiars 105 on an orange pad(for deeper swirls)
4. Polish: Meguiars 205 on a white pad(for light swirls)
5. (Optional) Polish: Meguiars ultimate polish on a Grey/Black pad
6. (Optional) Klasse Sealant/Polish on a blue pad
7. P21S Carnauba wax (easy on, easy off)

The Meguiars 205 and Ultimate polishes are very similar products. The 205 has more micro-abrasives to remove light swirls; the Ultimate has more oils for a deeper shine. Sometimes I need one and not the other. Sometimes I need both.

Here is a good video on how to polish your car:
Polshing tips

Good luck

Lapis Blue 03 Boxster S
Seal Grey 04 Boxster S (RIP 9-21-14)

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