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eslai - i looked (albeit, briefly) into the CA lemon law before parting with my 987. some things i gleaned from my very quick survey. if i remember correctly, you can file and prosecute a lemon law claim with minimal to no out of pocket expense. i don't recall reading anything that suggested lemon = car doesn't start or brakes fail when applied (only). lemon suggests that the function of the car and all parts and systems associated with that car fail to operate as planned and further have failed to be properly serviced or replaced and restored to proper and new functioning status within a reasonable amount of attempts. of course, no one buys a porsche because of it's radio, but porsche endeavors to put a certain radio in their car that is consistent with the standards of the rest of the car (at least you'd think that is their motivation). as such, the consumer expects that in purchasing a new car that offers a warranty over all systems and parts (including such trivial things as a radio in a high performance german sports cabriolet), the functioning of said device would be infallible. porsche obviously agrees with that expectation since they sold the car with the device and allowed it coverage under warranty (which you have faithfully and persistently utilized.)

lastly, (and i'm loose on this), a claim that is awarded to the plaintiff renders the defendent responsible for either replacing the vehicle with a similar condition, similar value vehicle or replacing the value of the vehicle (your down payment, your payoff, etc).

i think, if you are willing to play out the length of something, it's in your best interest to pursue this. the radio problem is not unique to your car, but perhaps the fact that it continues to happen despite repetitive repairs/replacments is unique. in other words, it may be a red herring for a greater problem slowly brewing with your vehicle (the proverbial money pit) that slowly rears it's ugly head causing you continued headache, lost wages and time and potentially, greater depreciation in the value of your car.

good luck, whatever you decide to do!
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