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Originally Posted by 99Boxster
I'm an attorney in KS and MO, so I haven't dealt with CA's lemon law but I doubt that you will get a new car out of the deal. If you start pushing for a new car, then I'd be afraid that you would merely discount your original claim. Most lemon laws, however, have provisions that provide for attorneys' fees which make consumer claims much easier to make and have more teeth.
Professionally, what do you think would be a likely outcome then? The thing is, it's not just the radio that's a problem--since they've already replaced the faulty unit four times, one could say that they haven't proven that it's actually a fault of the radio. It could be electrical. Would they try to rip out the whole harness and replace it? That's not exactly cheap.

I have no faith that Porsche even knows what the problem is or has any way to solve it, and I don't think it should be the consumer's responsibility to deal with it or be party to their investigation.

They've had a reasonable number of attempts to try to solve the problem and they haven't been able to.

I can see a number of outcomes from arbitration:

1. They refund me a small amount of money.
2. They replace the unit with the nav system unit in hopes that that cures the problem.
3. They replace the car.
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