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Originally Posted by oldskool73 View Post
Those prices are crazy, even by super inflated Australian standards!

My first service was also expensive, but to be fair the mechanic's not going to spend ages scouring online for the best prices like I would, they just order the overpriced official Porsche parts from their regular dealer and charge it on to you with a markup.

I now buy everything online from Pelican or eBay and do the easy stuff myself (e.g the charcoal cabin filter is a 10 minute job with 1 screw, and shouldn't cost you more than about $30!), or take the more complex parts to my mechanic and just pay for the labour.
Thanks man.

Are you referring to activated charcoal filter.. the one I was charged for $378?

I really would like to learn how to do all these minor servicing myself next time. Anyone knows where to get some reading materials?

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