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Some lingering questions i have:

1. I am getting Fuel Consumption of 5.5 KM/Litre (thats 13MPG only)... what could be the problem?
- while i understand singapore is mostly city driving, with a lot of accelerate and stop due to the numerous traffic lights we have... that should be something wrong, right?

2. I suppose if i buy parts from design911 and other online stores, i can just bring it to my mechanic to get them fixed right? and i would only have to pay them labour fee. i definitely would be on the look out for another mechanic who would be willing to do this.\

3. IMS? What IMS?
- i read up so much about IMS bearing failures online but when i asked my mechanic, he doesnt know anything about ims. mind you, this chap services a lot of porsches, ferraris and other exotic/expensive cars in singapore. i wonder what could be the reason?

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