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Great video.
A couple things I would add to potential new Boxster Enthusiasts are:

Waterpump: an important part which can cause full engine failure if the propeller eats into the engine sending debris inside. Ideally to have a history on it or have it recently replaced with genuine Porsche one.

Coolant tank: Check service history if available. All old tanks will surely crack. I would recommend buying a car with tank revision 03 at least, or latest 04 revision at the end of the part number. Also check the bleed valve isn't leaking.

IMS bearing - can only have it replaced if it is not failing. When it is failing it is already too late, sending debris inside the engine for an impending failure. If replaced by the previous owner, make sure it wasn't failing. LN engineering call it 'pre-qualification'.

PPI for over-rev etc.
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