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Originally Posted by Gelbster View Post
Agreed, each spline of the friction plate is chamfered - but only in one plane(roughly like a chisel).
I think he filed a chamfer on the other two planes ?? So the leading edge of each spine is shaped like the point of a nail . That would be chamfered on all 3 planes.
This would require a thin file , lots of patience and a steady hand.
If all he did was repair damaged splines - good idea. But if he modified the profile of the leading edge of the friction plate splines, that is more 'interesting'.
Chamfering the splines on three sides would also weaken them. In reality, both the input shaft on the gear box and the disc splines are very mildly chamfered in a single plane, and if lubricated with the correct grease and properly aligned, will quickly and quite easily slide together. By far, the biggest issues we see when people have trouble getting the gear box back in is improper alignment and excessive force, which ends up in aggravation and damaged components. These things slide together easily with a reassuring "thunk" when it is done properly.
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