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Audio Head Upgrade

So this is what you do when you have run out of things to do to your Boxster. My Daughter was given a Samsung Tab A6 as part of the deal when she purchased a Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 phone . She didn't want it so generously donated it to me .
My new project then became to fit it to the Boxster . I removed the CD storage unit and also the oddments bin below the radio . a mounting panel was made up by gluing some thin MDF board and then covering it with stretchy black vinyl . It just fits to the dash by friction , pushed in place , no screws or such . The audio lead was patched into the rear plug on the radio pins 18 19 20 I think , and the charger runs to a usb converter from the cigarette lighter socket , ( split to the Tab A6 and the Valentine radar unit ).Now with the radio on AUX I can play all the music , the Tab has GPS so Google maps work too , as does the radio function ..The device is easy to pop out in case of theft or to use the camera . I think it's about US$120 , not too expensive ! I haven't upgraded the stereo head unit ( original Becker Mexico ) or amp or speakers , they don't sound to bad to me as they are .
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