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I went from a 2002 986S to a 2009 C4S 4 years ago.
I love PDK, it's the best of both worlds, I never would go back to manual.
However I am on my 2nd PDK. W/o my extended warranty this would have been $12k. Porsche does not repair PDK they only replace, so it really doesn't matter what fails you'll be in for a new one. The 2009 has the 9A1 engine: DFI, no IMS, variable oil pump. Generally very good. Early examples of this engine have been reported to use a lot of oil (mine uses 1 qt every 800 miles, which is "within Porsche tolerance". So try to find out how much oil this one uses.
Besides that I absolutely love the car. I do only yeh normal regular maintenance, and besides the PDK no other repairs. I got the car with 30k miles and I am now at 55k. 5 - 10k are track miles, so much higher wear and tear here.
Hey any more questions shoot me a PM
You can also post in the 997 section of reenlist, really good crowd there, not as good as on 986forum, but good. I go by the handle "Hatzenbach " there.

I still wave at Boxsters, but they no longer wave back :-(
2002 Boxster S "Violet" (sold but not forgotten)
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