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There was a thread on here about 2 years ago (use search) that detailed a process for taking the headlights apart. It involved heating them in an oven to 250 F and (wearing gloves) carefully prying up around the edges of the outer lenses. The outer lenses have a ridge that snaps into a recess in the headlight shell and you have to pry them out of that recess. They are also sealed with a bead of black silicone adhesive (like bathtub caulking) which will have to be replaced when you reassembled them. I think the reason you have to heat the headlights up is to get that silicone bead to let go of the outer lens.

I was going to replace the inner lenses on my original headlights and picked up a set of new inner lenses, but in the end I felt it was too much work and I was pretty sure I would burn myself or break the outer lenses trying to take them off. So I replaced them with a set of good used headlights instead.

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