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The 2009.5's came with PDK and if I'm not mistaken, they changed the motor design to remove the intermediate shaft and add direct injection in mid 2009. I cannot speak to the reliability of the new motor in the first cars in which they installed it but I'm guessing others here will. It was a very welcomed thing in my opinion and I will not own another Pcar with an IMS that can go out.

This car has PASM and depending on how long you plan to keep the car, this could get expensive at some point in the future. Active suspension parts ain't cheap in any flavor, but they gotta be extra spendy in a Pcar.

Don't worry about that tan interior. My wife's lexus has an even lighter tan interior and as long as you keep up with the leather cleaner and don't drag mud into the car you'll be fine. It has those nice color-coordinated rubber mats in it for that very reason. That's smart.

You would do well to get on a 911 forum and ask about this car's general reliability issues....
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