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Questions regarding keyfob battery


My 02 boxster s' keyfob appears to be working intermittently when locking/unlocking the doors or doing anything with the 3 buttons.

the red LED on the keyfob blinks with each keypress, so i think the switches are working fine, but i still have to stand around for about a minute pressing the locking button to unlock/lock the car. 1 of every 20 keypresses actually goes through to the car.

is it the battery going flat? the red led seems to light up fine, but im not sure if its supposed to light up brighter.

I read a bit about replacing the keyfob battery, this is what i've gathered, tell me if i've missed anything prior to replacing the battery to avoid any uneccessary costs of getting the key reprogrammed

-needs a new cr2023 battery
-i have to take out the old one and put in the new one in less than 10 seconds otherwise the key will have to be reprogrammed?
-i "might" have to re sync the battery by unlocking the car manually, putting it in the ingition and position 1, then take it out and lock the car in less than 6 seconds?

is this it?

this seems very complicated, i've never had to do this with any of my previous german cars.

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