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Thanks for the offer, but I'm concerned that the springs may lower my ride to much. I only wanna drop it about an inch. From the looks of it I would say your car is lowered about 2 in, but I could be wrong. How much do the springs lower the car? I'm afraid that would serverly limit my driving to smooth flat roads only. Do you have scraping probs? Did you remove the plastic stone guard in front of the front tires? I looked at them awhile back and they are only 3-4inches off the ground now with the stock setup. I assume you must remove them to prevent them from scraped off? I'm also concerned about the ride quality. I could handle stiffer springs than what's stock, but I don't want a bone jarring teeth rattling ride on every road that doesn't resemble the autobahn. How is the ride? Much stiffer than stock?

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