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xxxboxster, beautiful car man. What is that, an 03 or 04 S? I see you have the Gt3 setup like stryke. Anyway, I wan't to put lowering springs on my S and I see that yours is lowered. I think it looks much better lowered and I was wondering how much you dropped it? It looks like a 2 in drop, but I'm not sure. If you don't mind, what is the brand of spring you used and how much were they? There are springs in tweeks called Weltmeister(?) and they drop it about 1 inch which is about perfect for my needs. The price is right too, and that's always nice. Anyone have any experiece/knowledge about these springs in tweeks? One more thing, how bad have you bottomed out or scraped? I assume you have to take alot of care to keep from scraping. Miller, nice ass pics as well, how much is yours lowered? What brand of springs?

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