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Simple DIY: Battery tray refurbish

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that my battery didn't work properly. Charging it didn't work, so I guess it must have had a dead cell.

As I went out to the car to replace it, I discovered this:

Rust? In my Porsche? That won't do!

This is what it looked like after I had removed it from the car:

The underside of the tray was actually in good shape. There's also some foam padding there, so I didn't want to mess it up too bad.

After having removed all the rust by hand, and believe me when I say it took some elbow grease, I washed it with paint thinner. After that it was time for some primer:

This was applied by adding several thin layers and letting it dry for a few minutes between them. You don't want the paint to run.

When the primer had dried properly, it was time to paint it black:

I bought engine paint for this, since it's a bit more durable and can stand a bit more heat. It's probably not necessary, but since this is a utility part of the vehicle that's not for show, it felt right.

I also got some brand new stainless nuts, bolts and washers:

And the final result with the battery back in place:

This was an easy job to do and it probably doesn't even need a post in the DIY section, but it was fun to do and it might inspire some others to check the state of their battery trays, so I decided to do this anyway.
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