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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Bumping this old thread to get some current advice.
My wife drove our Tiptronic 99 for DE and her instructor told her that it felt really sluggish to him. When we talked, he was not really familiar with the 1st gen Boxsters or Tiptronic. He thought that the throttle might be binding a bit or that there was an issue with the car. I took it out for a drive today and for me everything checked out good.
Push it hard and it goes hard, drive it easy and it shifts to the highest gear that will maintain.
Do you guys that drive a tip for AX and DE (Luv2Box, Newart, etc...) have any recommendations I can pass on. Use the manual mode much? Get it to stay in the high performance map somehow?
I read that in AX, you rarely get out of second. I think that the sluggishness at that track was from coming out of the wider turns still in third gear at lower rpm.
...I'd rather she be happy with her car and get the most out of it, than have to share mine.
When I started DE I used the "D" mode and my instructor was complaining about the downshift intervals, they really wigged him out so I went to "M" mode and he had no complaints. It is very important to keep your hands in the 9 and 3 position, when using "M" mode so your thumbs are resting on the shift buttons other wise you can easily miss a downshift when coming into a tight corner or hair pin and lug down.
In AX I start off in first to get the revs up then pretty much run the rest of the course in second gear which has plenty of torque to carry you through.
These Tips are built like tanks so don't be afraid to get the most out of them and keep that left foot tapping to the sound of your flat six.
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