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Originally Posted by stateofidleness View Post
i wondered about that as well.
pulling out of a gas station one day, my elbow clicked the shift button on the steering wheel (which put it into manual mode) and the car TOOK OFF!

i had never used the manual mode since owning the car (just about a year) and that was the first time i ever felt like i had some torque in my car.

it scared the ******************** out of me and i panicked because i didnt know how to get it out of manual mode while in gear (wasnt sure if it was safe to move the stick while driving). i just slowed down realllllly slow to bring the rpms/speed down and then flipped the shifter to M then back to D.

i was wondering if "red lining" it while in Manual mode would kill the car or if it would shift on its own to prevent damage?

does anyone on here drive a Tip in manual mode on a regular basis?
I only use manual mode because it feels like the car has more performance and my '99 has the LN bearing and they recommend 2K or higher rpm as much as possible and it's easier to keep the revs up that way. The Tip has over rev protection and will shift at red line and not go over even in manual. It's another reason I'd take a Tip over a stick any day.
And I should add keep up on the Tip service and think about service at 50K instead of 90K.

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