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DIY Porsche Sports Exhaust (valved)

I know there is a lot of threads on this.. but after Reading up and Down the internet I still feel the need to do a thread about this. Promise to post the result.

My plan so far is to make something similar to the newest type of PSE; the one that don't have the pipes Connected to the outlet pipes. I only want an on / off button, so in my ears, Electric valve seems to be an easier choice over vacuum. Iíll have a local exhaust shop to do the Welding.

This is a Picture of what someone has done previously and the same as i planning to do.

What I didnít find when i searched the web is more Pictures and info on how the Original PSE is designed. How does the O.PSE look inside? Witch Chambers does the piping go through. What is the pipe size on the original and what have you guys used?
Recommendations on valves?

I want the result to be noticeable louder than original, but not like the loudest exhaust's out there. Without having heard the original PSE, I'm guessing something just a little bit louder than original PSE.

All feedback is received with great thanks
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