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Lessons from Replacing my Ignition Switch

In the hope that others scratching their heads at the same point in the process may find these points of use

Don’t even think of starting this without having a tiny screwdriver. I had difficulty finding one (even tried cutting one down) and got lucky in a hardware store where a customer heard my plight and offered to loan me one out that he had magically in his glove box!

In case you’re wondering, the screws holding the electronics of the switch come out in a downwards direction. Yes, the blob of sealant you see (barely) is the head of the screw.

I did mine both from above and below the dash. Just couldn’t work it otherwise
If you try to remove the vent on the dash the first snag you encounter is taking the knob off the light switch. There is a tiny almost invisible metal tab just below the lip of the knob. I finally figured it out when I saw this post and picture (about 3 pics down):

DIY Head Light Switch Remove and Replace - 6SpeedOnline - Porsche Forum and Luxury Car Resource

The torx screw that is only accessible when you have the knob off is the same size torx as the other two

When re-installing the switch, attach it to the harness first. The pressure from the harness will keep it from falling out as you try to tighten the set screws

If you remove the snap in cover to the left of the ignition switch, note that it has a top and putting it in upside down will result in a poor fit and not follow the dash contours

If you do go in from the dash, let me know if you were able to reinsert the Phillips screw that holds the “L” shaped duct in the dash. For all the vaunted German engineering, it would have been nice to have some guide posts to help line it up. I finally despaired of ever getting the screw in and just friction fit it to the lower duct and the dash vent

Start to finish (with a hardware store trip in there) was 2.5 hours


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