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Ok, I finished it, all set! It was wikkid hard to do it from underneath but using a small screwdriver I was able to scrape away the loctite then loosen the screws. I didn't pull apart the bad switch but the white plastic part was definitely broken/worn down. Cheap crap, just make it out of all metal and increase the retail price by a dollar, we'll pay it.
I had given up on the underneath method and was going to try going through the left side of the dashboard but the headlight switch knob was not going to come off. I pulled very hard on it, no dice. I will look that up now because I'd still like to try it and it seems like I'll have to replace the switch again in the coming years.

Just to button up this post I want to say thanks to all who helped. I stated earlier I'd do a full pictorial but after more searching found these three threads with pics so I didn't see a need to do another one
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Porsche Boxster Ignition Switch Replacement
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