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Question Clutch booster spring possible causing clutch to slip

Hey everyone,

Just made an account to post for the first time but I've searched everywhere without finding anyone who's experienced something like this and I was looking for some input.

After replacing my brake light switch I noticed a creaky noise coming from the clutch pedal. After depressing the clutch a few times I heard a small click and the creaky noise stopped, however after a few days I noticed what seemed to be my clutch slightly slipping. What struck me as odd was that the slipping seemed very intermittent, I did a few tests such as shifting from first to fifth and there was no slipping at all. It catches nicely as I take off in first as well. Today as I got to work, my clutch pedal got stuck all the way up and after pressing on it a few times I heard a snap and then the whole clutch assist/booster spring assembly fell out. The spring had broken in three places as well. I suspect, due to the intermittent nature of the clutch slipping, that perhaps the broken spring may have occasionally prevented the clutch from coming all the way up, just slightly enough to cause a slight slip when it would happen, but not enough to really notice the difference in the clutches resting point.

My question to the forum would be, "does this diagnosis seem plausible and/or have you heard of something similar happening before"

Since I am still at work for the next few hours I have not had a chance to try and replicate the slipping since the spring came out, however I plan to do so on my way home and will definitely be back to update you all. I think it's also important to note that the slipping was only moderate and I've never once smelled the clutch burning. It almost feels like my tires just lose traction for a moment between shifts occasionally. The spring was pretty badly damaged and the four individual broken pieces of the spring had wound into one another within the assembly.

Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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