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Useful information to know

I purchased a 2001 S in March. She's my second Boxster and my first 6 speed S model. Love the car but I've hated the instrument cluster since the day I picked it up.

So I've been searching for the Dot-Matrix cluster online and on 986 forum. When I was about to pull the trigger on what I thought was the right cluster, I got lucky and asked to see it working before I clicked the buy it now link. Lucky me, because the part number wasn't the Matrix display. My original cluster was 986.641.213.00. I contacted Porsche and was told 986.641.233.00 was what I wanted. Well, this time I didn't get to ask for a pic before purchase. I crossed my fingers and clicked the magical link. Then the wait began. I checked tracking obsessively before and after work. I'd even catch myself checking tracking at 2am when I'd go to the bathroom. Well, today was the day. It showed up and I was a little worried until I popped her in.

I could not be happier. I am so pleased that I'm going to leave the cluster uninstalled until I can find a source for the wiring to plug into the cluster to run into my radio compartment for a manual switch. Does anyone here sell this cable to get my OBC working? I've still not found a Porsche dealer that will turn it on but I'd be happy to get the whole thing done and that might actually help as I'm calling them on the phone and asking. Maybe if I show up with the car and ask, they'll play ball. Anyway, I just want everyone here to know that if you have a Boxster Manual, then all you need is the 986.641.233.00 cluster. IT's the correct one. Don't know if there are other part numbers that are also Dot-Matrix but I know this one is. Thanks for looking. Can't wait to see the OBC display. Cheers!

2001 Boxster S
6 speed MT
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