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Originally Posted by rdancd816
See if you can find "Need for Speed - Porsche unleashed" by Electronic Arts. My 19 year old Midshipman has it and it looks great. He also spent a ton of time in HS playing F1, 2000 by the same manufacturer. If you like open wheel, the sim is fantastic. Both are a little older (circa 2000-2001) but still are a couple of the best driving sims I have seen. Lots of Web resources still resell these titles I'll bet. Good luck and have fun!
I bought "Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed" for playstation from a video game place by the house for $5. It is fun, lots of different models, but the graphics are a little dated. I know it is also available for PC.

The BEST driving game is Gran Turismo for PS2. They have the Boxster and 911. I don't know if it is available for PC, but it is awesome !
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