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FXXX??? now why the hell would anyone write that word alone. how dumb. Upsetting more than anything. wt...

Monki ville rage happened 9 years ago lolll Vocal-less little shi^t they were grabbing and pulling our backpacks like humans do. So piled up in the front we couldn't see half of what was happening. Pitch black dark night middle of nowhere. Hidden-to-die in the back of a GM Minivan lolllll Feel it like I did (hope you've enjoyed the story)

Yup, both puppies travel with us. At least our youngest always do. Thor is way too busy guarding his silly thread-less 19" Michellin tire so he stay home for more than one day trips. HIS TIRE, nobody can touch it... funniest
'97 Boxster base model 2.5L, Guards Red/Tan leather, with a new but old Alpine am/fm radio.

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