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Originally Posted by Nine8Six View Post
Lucky you indeed :/

Here what happened to my wife and I while on a road trip to Shangri-La, in the South west of China. We were driving around south with a General Motor minivan rental for 5 weeks, filled with luggage, hardware, food, credit cards, cameras, we had it all almost. We were also occasionally sleeping in the back of the van when we were stuck in remote places.

One night, sleeping with windows opened, the cheapo aftermarket car alarm suddenly triggers, beep beep beep loud f n beeps. Its loud when you are in the mountain miles away from civilization anyway. We both wake-up, and as soon as my eyes open I see some activity in the front of the van. Was convinced the alarm was screwed having had issues with it a few days before. Look up slowly and barely can see anything, so dark, just woke-up/brain dead, but I can see in the dark shadows what appears to be long facial hair dudes, masked, their eyes blacken commandos-style, moving ultra fast as-in ďnon-human fastĒ, flying our stuff around like we werenít even there. Was so noisy, stuff landing on us and everything. Wife was literally petrified, frozen, and I was in an even worst situation; petrified x10 , frozenX10, and on the edge of an heat attack.

Even if I had ten handguns, a missile launcher, nuclear bombs, or knives I wouldn't even be able to use any of it. Totally numb, hands, brain, everything.

The only thing my wife was able to do was whispering UFO UFO UFO with a terrified tone, totally lost it right there, gone mad, sad thing. As for me, the only thing I was able to do was trying X10 to get my heart to beat again, each and every single heartbeats were asked for (I think). Life at its slowest - going to die moment. Or abducted, totally confused.

Suddenly, poof, just like that, noise stops and we hear branches cracking, something yelling quite far away, sounded like a broken horn. So I quickly grab my flashlight and start aiming where the scream came from. As soon as I aimed the light in the woods, red dots were suddenly appearing everywhere. Pairs after pairs. There were about 200 pairs of red eyes moving and dancing left to right in a slow flashing way. I nearly passed away at that moment. Instantly crouched back low and told my wife donít move, donít make a single noise.

As soon as day light was strong enough for both of to regain our dignity, we looked up the side window to find our stuff all over the place. They took our bags we placed on the driver and passenger seat and emptied them all over the place, stuff hanging trees, credit cards the ditch, on logs, it was bloody everywhere. Looked like a Woodstock Festival aftermath.

The scariest part is when we got to the nearest village and looked up for an officer to report what happened. He was NOT worry and told us to remain calm (?!?!). Went to his office and there he shows us some pics of what was happening that night. My wife busted in tears and I went straight back to my frozen mode for the rest of the day Ė not a word. Wife same, completely silent, both of us. Affected, deeply affected.

Iím actually starting the other PC atm, kept the pic the officer gave me. As soon as this boots up Iíll post (pc is updating something it takes foreverÖ) arggg
Geeez Fred......get that PC fired up. The suspense is killin me
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