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Really got lucky!

Last night, one of my sons accidentally left the garage door to the street open. My Boxster and my wife's Yukon XL. At 1:00 AM my other son heard the garage door into the laundry room. My other son was awake and heard the door. He got up and headed down stairs (with his drum sticks as a weapon). He did not see anything and checked the house and garage. Nothing was missing that he could see.

He woke my wife and I up and we did a full once over of the house. Nothing seemed to be amiss so we all went to bed.

Today I went to the car and noticed that some of the center console had been emptied out onto the passenger seat and the ashtray (coin holder) was open so *somebody had been IN MY CAR*. There was nothing removed from the car. My sunglasses were still clipped on my visor. My new radar detector was still hanging on the windshield.

My theory is that somebody was looking for a key. They entered the house to see if they could quickly find the key but left since my son was up.

I really dogged a bullet last night!
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