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Second update...
Porsche still believes it is only the overflow cap, but will pull and inspect tank when IMS is being done. New total is about $5500, but rep assures me that is maximum. List of what is being done:
IMS (and all direct related)
Clutch plate
New climate control
Fuel filter (ok, but my request)
Oil filter
Brakes (f&r), pads only reminds me, ask about fluid/flush
Plugs & 2 new leads (asked why only 2, said "wouldn't bother with other 4")...well, ok.
Change coolant
New coolant cap (latest rev)
Inspect tank (hoses are ok)
Catalytic converter threw a CE error, but seems ok, error cleared
Check a/c refrigerant, replace as necessary
Pull AOS to inspect (replacement extra)
(I am looking at new tires or tire/rim upgrade, but separate post)

All things considered, I am pretty happy with cost and should restore car to top condition. Even for Porsche dealer service and all Porsche parts, this seem like a very reasonable price.

Any other "might as wells" people can think of would be greatly appreciated!
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