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I bet your cap is not sealing and the coolant is leaking out the cap. It happened to me. scared the hell out of me. added two gallons and made sure the cap was screwed on properly and was terrified as I drove home 30 miles. watching the temp closely

Originally Posted by MWS View Post
Here's a story of what you don't want to have happen...

I have a '01 2.7 with approximately 47,500 mi that I have owned for about 10 years. I have had the car stored for 3 years (maybe as little as 1000 mi since '10), and I should mention that the car had no issues when driven last. This spring I decided to start bringing the car back to life and after battery replacement, had multiple electrical gremlins which I resolved with the exception of the climate control, which I narrowed down to the climate control unit. The unit in question was replaced in 2008, so 8 years ago, but almost new. I could have purchased a used unit online and switched my face using the donor board, but since the fault that caused the failure of the board was unknown and fearing burning out another board, I decided (with the advice from this forum) to go the Porsche route and order a new unit and have them install at a cost of about $900.

Now here is where the "might as well" starts to come into play...

Never did the IMS, so I figured if in for $900 plus service I am at about maybe $1200, might as well do the IMS (using LN bearing) at Porsche cost of about $3000. Now estimate is at about $4200, so more "might as wells".... I trust my Porsche rep as we have a history going back over 15 years (we also have Audis), so I asked them to check RMS, AOS, belts etc, and change fuel filter, plugs, bla-bla. Basically, check everything, replace any needed item and keep bill $5000-ish. I also need tires (not too badly worn, just old), but asked them to check, and if needed I would have a set sent to them (they even advise it's cheaper for me to buy and have sent to them rather than buy from them, which is nice).

So yesterday morning I am driving to the dealership (about 60 mi) on a rural road when suddenly a convertible Corvette C7 flies up behind me, then fades way back. We reach a 4 lane road, and the 'vette comes along beside me and starts yelling something. I slow down to hear him, and apparently I am spraying liquid from the rear passenger wheel arch, I am pissed, but thank him to which re replied, "you got it all over my windshield, ****************************"), fine, whatever. I pull over to investigate, to find pink mist (obviously G12 coolant) sprayed from wheel arch. I check level via observation port on tank, shows about 3/4, cap is hot, but dash gauge is in the middle, no high temp light on. I proceed a couple miles to gas station and call service rep, he instructed to let car cool, and check level in tank visually via cap opening, add water if needed and proceed to shop (about 10 mi). When I opened cap, the level I saw on inspection window was a "ghost" and tank was actually empty. I added almost 2 gallons of straight water, some leaking underneath, but didn't just pour out. I proceeded to shop without further problems, but tank was empty at arrival. To clarify, temp on gauge never spiked, no temp light and most importantly, no sound or smell. Here is where I should mention about 900 mi ago I had a catastrophic coolant pump failure, which I had Porsche replace including new lines, total pressure flush (twice for piece of mind), almost a total coolant rebuild short of rads (which were flushed separately) at a total cost of about $2200. The unfortunate part is even thought the coolant system was done only 900 mi ago, it was in 2011.

I am waiting for update from shop.

Anyway, not a good day. Sorry for the length, I guess I wanted to vent to kind people who might understand. Feel free to offer opinions, or heck, laugh at me for throwing money down a hole. I guess I don't see my Boxster as just a machine, but there is some emotional attachment. When it makes me happy, I am very happy; other times (like now), I forgive it and remember... soon you will make me smile again.
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